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The Be Here Now Seminar

We all have moments in our lives of being fully present to life—excited about the future, at one with being alive. However, that can often feel like the exception, not the rule. Rather than seeing life as an opening for action, and being excited and empowered by all that’s available, we frequently find ourselves operating on auto-pilot way of being—where “life is just the way it is.”

The intention of the Be Here Now seminar is to restore and expand your ability to live, play, and express yourself in the world.

This seminar will provide you with the unique opportunity to master being present in your life – dramatically expanding your freedom to be in the world. Through a series of specific exercises, you’ll see what throws you off – the upsets and the set-backs, and you’ll set a course for fully participating beyond your constraints, leaving you in life with a newfound sense of fulfilment and self-expression.

Prerequisite: Completion of The Landmark Forum