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Landmark Education Celebrates 11 Years of Business and Growth

SAN FRANCISCO, January 07, 2002

Landmark Education, a worldwide leader in training, is celebrating 11 years of business.  Landmark provides a breakthrough learning process in seminars and programs designed for personal growth and development. More than 125,000 people participate in Landmark’s programs annually. Landmark has been hailed as one of the largest, most relevant, and diverse education groups in the world.

Incorporated in 1991, Landmark is headquartered in San Francisco and operates more than 60 education offices around the world. They offer more than 40 courses, workshops and seminars designed for people who are interested in exploring their own growth, with their programs offered in 100 cities and 21 countries worldwide.

The company is an employee-owned corporation with no one owning more than three percent of the stock. It yields more than 50 million dollars annually, and is in a development stage where profits are invested into the growth of the company and making its programs more available around the world. Currently, Landmark Education is developing centers and programs in Manila, Hong Kong, and Japan.

In January of 1991, a new company called Landmark Education was formed. Its commitment was simple: to provide seminars and courses that made a profound difference in the quality of people’s lives and work.

Landmark Education set out to become a thriving international enterprise. Among the elements needed to make the company successful were a dynamic group of leaders trained to deliver the programs and a powerful operations team to manage the day-to-day business. The organization acquired a body of intellectual property, formed a top-notch research and design team, and created what would become its core educational methodology. This became the foundation for Landmark’s ongoing programs and product development.

A Global Brand Name
By the middle of the 1990s, Landmark expanded its programming to offer dozens of courses, workshops, and seminars. 

In addition, given that Landmark’s programs dramatically improved interpersonal and organizational effectiveness, major corporations became some of Landmark’s most enthusiastic advocates. Landmark founded a wholly owned subsidiary, Landmark Education Business Development (LEBD), to serve its corporate customers. By the late `90s, LEBD was working with Fortune 100 companies and emerging enterprises worldwide, offering programs that impacted planning, implementation, and strategic vision.

With more than 100,000 people participating annually and demand increasing for Landmark’s programs, Time Magazine described Landmark in 1998 as “becoming a global brand name.”

Landmark Education Today
In 2001, as the company celebrated its 10-year anniversary, the corporation’s revenues reached $58 million. Landmark Education, incorporated in California and headquartered in San Francisco, is organized to invest its surpluses into the future development of its programs and initiatives. The company is employee owned, with no one employee owning more than 3% of the stock. The organization’s management reports to a board of directors elected by stockholders.

Landmark’s general curriculum has significantly evolved since its beginning in 1991. 
Landmark recently completed a comprehensive redesign and elevation of its programs. This ongoing commitment to improvement has kept Landmark’s programs at the leading edge of the personal and professional development field. Innovative, effective, and immediately relevant, the programs challenge conventional perspectives and decision-making patterns, providing new tools for effecting significant change. 

Today, Landmark offers programs in more than 100 cities in nations around the world such as the United States, Japan, Israel, India, Australia, South Africa, the Philippines, Mexico, and most European countries. More than 125,000 people participate in Landmark’s programs annually. The exceptional value and effectiveness of Landmark’s programs have been the subject of numerous surveys and independent research by institutions, including: The Talent Foundation, Harris Interactive, Harvard Business School, and by noted social scientist Daniel Yankelovich (DYG, Inc.). In fact, Yankelovich’s research found that “over 90% of participants found specific, practical value,” while “a large number found the Landmark Forum to be one of their lives’ most rewarding experiences.”
Landmark Education Corporation is a dynamic, innovative provider of cutting-edge programs that break new ground in the arena of individual performance, creativity, and organizational effectiveness.

“Over the years, we have had the distinct privilege of making a difference for people, enriching the lives of those who participate in Landmark Education programs. We honor all the graduates of our programs – for who they are as people and for the impact they make on our world,” said Landmark CEO Harry Rosenberg.


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